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I am a drummer, percussionist and composer since decades. I am based in Hamburg, Germany and have played with different bands in several styles, from Metal to Blues, from Rock to Soul to Electronica, from World and Ethno to Singer-Songwriter and Folk.

recording drums


Musical Life

First drum aged 3 // started musical education in the age of 6 // played in my first band at 13 // first studio recordings at 16 // studied at Germanys Future Music School with Dieter Steinmann and Claus Hessler // some releases (zyx-music distribution) with X-Vision and Herman d’German // toured Germany and Europe // received "The German Rock and Pop Award" 2013 in 4 categories

Work as a drummer

I played with other musicians:
Andreas Bell, Arny Kay, Burkhard Mildner, Carolyn, Christian Schällert, Come-Unity, David Hinze, Dietrich Lohff, Doctor Love Power, Franz Schedlbauer, Henning Walter, Herman d’German, Homer Danko, Ina Karian, Janina Lemke, Jerzee, Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuniado, Laurenz Mösbauer, Mark Bloemeke, Nick Hohepa, Vivek Date, XVision and many more.


First of all, my main influence as a drummer comes from 4 outstanding masters of drums and musicality:
Dr. Steve Gadd, John J.R. Robinson, Jeff Porcaro and Vinnie Colaiuta.
But there are many other drummers and musicians, who inspired and affected me with their incredible creativity:
Mimo Bonaiuto, Dietrich Lohff, Phil Collins, Tico Torres, Abe Laboriel Jr., Jim Keltner, Jörg Michael with Glenmore, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Alphonse Mouzon, Billy Cobham, Charly Antolini, Carmine Appice, Mike Portnoy, Vinnie Paul, Andy Parker, Ian Paice, Dave Lombardo, Dave Weckl, Neil Peart, Simon Philips, Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donati, Ralf Gustke, David “Fingers” Haynes, Claus Hessler, Dieter Steinmann and countless more

the Past 15 years


 DRYLand Zone Modern Electric Contemporary Blues and Blues-Rock (Studio) //


 Franz Schedlbauer Band Blues and Rocknroll (Live) // JERZEE Electro Folk SingerSongwriter (Live) //


 Franz Schedlbauer Band Blues and Rocknroll (Live) // Janina Lemke Pop, Dance Pop (Live) // JERZEE Electro Folk SingerSongwriter (Live) // Irina Castillo Alvarez Folk SingerSongwriter (Studio) //


 Franz Schedlbauer Band Blues and Rocknroll (Live) // JERZEE Electro Folk SingerSongwriter (Live) // Doctor Love Power BluesnRoll (Live) //


 Doctor Love Power BluesnRoll (Tour) //


 JERZEE Electro Folk SingerSongwriter (Live) //


 JERZEE Electro Folk SingerSongwriter (Live, Studio, TV, Video) // Novemberland Poprock, Surf-Rock, SingerSongwriter (Live, Studio) //


 JERZEE Electro Folk SingerSongwriter (Live) //


 CAROLYN EthnoPop, BollyPop, Acoustic (Live, TV, Video) //


 Come-Unity Roots Reggae (Live) //


 Homer Danko Brit-Pop (Live, Studio, TV)


I did a couple of recordings as a drummer over the past several years, spanning genres from Metal to Rock, from Pop to Songwriters, from Reggae to World Music. Here´s a short selection.



Melodic Hardrock / Powermetal studio-production 1997, zyx-music distribution


Herman d´German (rip)

was a German Punk Metal Singer and Guitarist. We have produced a 12 track album in 2001, which was never released, but the single "Dein Leben" was published on the "Stars in Sight²" sampler in Germany.



released her album "Its only Rock´n Roll, but it feels like love" in 2014. It was recorded 2013 in Hamburg, Germany and produced, mixed and mastered in Nashville, USA by Jeff Silverman (known for his work as producer of Rick Springfield and colaborations with artists like Boyz to Men, Paula Abdul, Prince, Richard Marx and Barbra Streisand).


recording drums SPRING THAW by ALEX NOTCH, all instruments played by Alex Notch
recording drums Official music video for JERZEE - I'll Be Your Woman, You Be My Man, drummer: Alex Notch
recording drums Alex Notch is playing Djembe live in German TV studio (Tide TV, Hamburg, vocals by Carolyn, bass by Ulf)
live drums Back in 2007: Snippets from live concert with Reggae Band Come Unity, drummer: Alex Notch. Sorry for the poor video quality!
recording drums JERZEE - Its Only Rock n Roll - Credits Cut, drummer: Alex Notch
recording drums AMY from and live with DOCTOR LOVE POWER, drummer: Alex Notch


Songs and snippets 

drummer Alex Notch

from live- and studiotracks

{"title":"BluesRock","artist_name":"drums by Alex Notch","audio_file":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2018\/05\/Blues-Rock-Mix.mp3","poster_image":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2017\/08\/music_bild.jpg","duration":"5:02"}
{"title":"Jerzee","artist_name":"drums by Alex Notch","audio_file":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2018\/05\/AlbumSnippetsIORRBIFLL.mp3","poster_image":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2019\/01\/jerzee_sw_mplayertrans.png","duration":"2:59"}
{"title":"Reggae","artist_name":"live drums by Alex Notch","audio_file":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2018\/05\/Reggae-Mix.mp3","poster_image":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2019\/01\/come-unity_playertrans.png","duration":"2:12"}
{"title":"Rock","artist_name":"drums by Alex Notch","audio_file":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2018\/05\/Rock-Mix.mp3","poster_image":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2017\/08\/slide1a-1024x572.jpg","duration":"3:56"}
{"title":"Blues","artist_name":"drums by Alex Notch","audio_file":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2018\/05\/Blues-Mix.mp3","poster_image":"https:\/\/alexnotch.com\/bilder\/2017\/08\/slide1c-1024x572.jpg","duration":"3:08"}
drummer Alex Notch
drummer Alex Notch
drummer Alex Notch
drummer Alex Notch
drummer Alex Notch


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